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We Have A Proven Track Record, Revolutionary Approach, and Immediate Results!

Spiritually Raw Consulting was born as direct result from interviewing in excess of 1200+ authors, service providers, and entrepreneurs wanting to know how we created immediate success, exposure, magic, and most importantly continually expanding the brand of Spiritually Raw.

Radio broadcasting was the original vehicle that catapulted Spiritually Raw into the media universe. Within months of launching we obtained 100’s of paid sponsors, created the social media buzz, and our brand/business took off. It was also the catalyst for other successful projects including “Spiritually Raw TV” and “Spiritually Raw Consulting”.

The best part…we will teach you to duplicate our innovative model and become known as the expert in your field! By utilizing our many years of sales and marketing expertise, along with our lucrative business model and proven track record, you are accessing our knowledge and media experience to create a winning strategy that will work for YOU, saving enormous amounts of time, costly mistakes, and leading you onto the fast lane to victory! 

Learn our media secrets to becoming an excellent communicator, the best self promoter, and most importantly increasing your sales. We hand hold and guide you throughout the entire journey of creating, promoting, maintaining, and successfully delivering your authentic message to the masses.

Collectively we define your business goals, and provide organizational support to create a cohesive and profitable business strategy. Simultaneously, you will be interviewed as a featured guest via strategic target marketed radio interviews by expert hosts at the top of their league. In addition, create joint venture partnership arrangements expanding the reach of your sphere influence. 

We support our clients with superior customer communication, and all the tools needed to ensure the best possible result with every campaign / promotion we develop and manage. You will discover our team delivers expertise, experience, commitment, and will go the distance to ensure superior satisfaction of every client, every time.

Spiritually Raw Consulting leads and draws together a collective consciousness of innovative business minds desiring to harness “source power” and co-create the vision set forth by their soul’s journey. Our positive conversations together will unquestionably be a game-changer in your life and effectively propel you to the next level. We’ve already figured it out and will take you to the TOP OF YOUR GAME!

Looking forward to seeing the world through your eyes and inspiration behind your business, current marketing plan, marketing challenges, and future expectations. Together we’ll create the best passageway to the fulfillment of your business goals and divine purpose.

Spiritually Raw is led by creative entrepreneurs April & Ajay Matta, President & CEO of the Spiritually Raw Organization, which includes: Spiritually Raw TV, Spiritually Raw Broadcasting Network, and Spiritually Raw Consulting. 


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