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E Book: Spiritually Raw SECRETS to the GRAND-SLAM INTERVIEW


Do You Have Panic Attacks Before An Interview?

Are You Stumped During Questions?

Feeling Frazzled, Overwhelmed, and Under-Promoted?

If you answered YES…

You Need “Spiritually Raw SECRETS To The Grand Slam Interview!”

After interviewing 1200+ authors and service providers, rest assured April and Ajay Matta know how to connect with the audience and drive home the message. Now you will learn their media secrets to becoming an excellent communicator, the best self promoter, how to increase your sales, and to become known as the expert in your field.

You will also learn inside tips from Miriam Knight on how to maximize your chances of getting book reviews and interviews. She is the founder of New Consciousness Review (ncreview.com) and host of the award-winning NCR Radio Show, and has been reviewing books and interviewing authors for the past 12 years.

If an interview goes south quickly, it’s not the product that fell flat…

it’s your delivery!

Receiving media training and being prepared in advance is the KEY element in hitting your interview out of the ball park. This equates to confidence, more sales, and frequent guest returns. Interviewees need to be media ready upon a moment’s notice. You must be prepared with a dynamic and engaging presentation that showcases your personality, and shares with the audience why you are a credible and entertaining source of information.

With April and Ajay’s high level of optimism and individualized support you will quickly discover their secrets to a grand–slam interview. Learn how to captivate the audience with humor, tenacious viewpoints, and a natural way to verbalize your message bringing forth entertainment, enlightenment, information, and most importantly, sales.

“The better you are at communication, negotiating, and handling fear of rejection, the easier life is.”

~Robert Kiyosaki


“Hit It Out of the Ball-Park Every Time!”

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Learn how to:

  • Knock your interview out of the ball park!

  • Become recognized as the “EXPERT” in your field!

  • Get your book or product reviewed!

  • Create an elevator pitch!

  • Sharpen your skills!

  • Become media-ready!

  • Deliver your message

  • Showcase your personality!

  • Develop into a repeat guest!

  • Not over sell your product!

    and…much more!

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