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“I’ve had the great good fortune to be working with Ajay Matta over the last few months and it’s led me to want to say something about the energy generated by the process, energy that is bright and clear and very productive. I’ve advertised regularly since 1996 but had not experienced online advertising until about 18 months ago. My introduction to it did not go all that well so, by the time I met Ajay, I’d been disappointed. I sensed, based on our conversations and on what I could see of others result that I should take the chance and try again. I’m glad I did because what I began to see – and quickly – was the same sort of result I’d had years ago with print advertising: his efforts in my behalf spawned an energy that quickly grew, taking off from the foundation he’d provided. To say that I am pleased would be an understatement…I find myself in a position where I have all I can handle. What, I wonder, could be better than that?”

Victoria Pendragon
Artist, Author of Sleep Magic, Surrender to Success & Sacred Earth Seven Element Tarot

SuzanneStrisower“Spiritually Raw and Ajay Matta have been a real blessing and boost to my radio show and visibility in the world. They have a huge diversity of talent and bandwidth to draw up that has helped me increase my social media presence, have more visibility and listeners for my shows and they have been a great connection with other talents as well. I highly recommend them if you are looking for visibility or a platform for your radio show.”

Suzanne Strisower
Founder of the Living Well Talk Radio Network host of Living Life on Purpose

AnnePRich“After reading numerous books and participating in several seminars and webinars designed to help authors sell their books, and after purchasing a publicity package from a company that didn’t really market to the kind of audience that I needed to market my book to—I really began to feel just plain frustrated and discouraged by the amount of time and energy that I was continually devoting to doing all this stuff—time and energy that I would have much rather spent on writing the sequel to my first book! Then I hooked up with talk show host Ajay Matta after an interview I was invited to do on Spiritually Raw. His energy and enthusiasm for my work and what I had to say was like a cool, refreshing cosmic washcloth upon my fretting brow. At last, someone who was well connected and knew how “play the marketing game” in today’s increasingly convoluted electronic world! And, who was excited to do all the work that I didn’t want to do (at a very reasonable and affordable wage, I might add).

But the best thing about working with Ajay and April is they have made me feel excited about writing again…excited and confident that they have what it takes to get my message out there into the world to all those people who might benefit most from I have to say. I love them for this!!!!”

Anne Preciado Rich
Author of “My 333 rd Life on Planet Earth”
EldieBeltram“Jay without doubt has become the most important person in my life. He has taught me everything there is to learn in this marketing world, explaining very patiently a field that was totally unknown to me. Repeating over and over like a good “patient father” what the plan of action and strategic moves I had at disposal, and he redesigned my “cute” website into a massive SOCIAL MEDIA SITE. His marketing team and proficient wife April even helped me to navigate Facebook, conduct interviews on my own radio show called “CALL THE SHRINK” and basically put me on the cyber map. At that time I was enrolled in an $ 11,000 marketing training program that was very frustrating and time consuming. Ajay made it happen at a reasonable cost in a few months, being professional and attentive in all aspects, he was ALWAYS available, even at 6 AM, where we would joke and laugh and strategize. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND AJAY AND HIS TEAM.”
Elidé Beltram, Ph.D.
Psychoanalyst, New Age Scientist
Author of “The Memory of Vinegar and Oil: Origins Unified” & “You Are Who You Hate”

JoAnneWhite“Jay Matta lives by his word and by his integrity. I’m impressed by his commitment, follow-through, and his ability to communicate and see the larger picture when it comes to marketing and sales. He’s instrumental in helping me meet my project goals and I value his continued advice and ongoing support.”

Dr. Jo Anne White
TV & Radio Show Executive Producer & Host
Dr. Jo Anne White, International Author and Speaker, Radio &…more

SalvatoreGencarelle“I just want to say thanks for all that you’ve already done to help me promote the message I bring. In just a few short days my reach has grown by leaps and bounds. I’m extremely impressed how effectively you’ve delivered on your promises to help share my message of Health and Happiness. Now, with your assistance I know that many people will come into contact with the message, and this intern will help them to find true healing – and live in the fullness of life. You and the work you’re doing at Spiritual Raw are helping the world.

I look forward to continuing our business relationship.”

In Health and Happiness,
Salvatore Gencarelle
Author of “A Man Among the Helpers”

AprilRane“I have been so impressed with the level of help both Ajay and April have given me; I just had to write a letter of thanks. Brainstorming with Jay, about up-coming advertising projects is a wonderful ride, and April has truly put me on track with just what to do in my advertising campaign on Face book. April has taught me so much in the last week about how to present myself to the public, I am just amazed. Looking forward to the next level of marketing with both of you, as there is no doubt that you know your business!”

Bright Blessings,
April Rane
Author ~ Myth of the Moon Goddess ~

LesSchmidt“Ajay Matta is a passionate promoter with natural gift for collaboration. He works with integrity and has an intuition for projects that work. I am blessed to count him among my closest associates and a friend.”

Les Schmidt
Author of “The Truth, Finding Your Own Truth”
Host of The Authentic Self Teleseminar Series
Automotive Business Consultant
Life Coach and Mentor

SueHam“Ajay and April were very professional, friendly, and comical during my interview. They made me feel right at home. Since my interview on Spiritually Raw, Ajay has helped me with marketing my Radio Show, establishing a FB Fan Page, and setting me up with two internet radio broadcast sites. As a result of his assistance, I am able to reach a broader audience and share my message. Ajay has also been instrumental with helping to get guests for my 30 minute talk show to promote diversity. The dynamic duos stay in constant communication with me and are always there advising of new marketing strategies to help grow my business and listening audience! I am thankful to have met them.”

Respectfully Submitted,
Sulondia Hammond “Sue-Ham”
Author, Radio Host, TV Host, Motivational Speaker, Playwright

Louise-Hicks“Ajay and April Matta are a dynamic team. They can help with promoting your dreams and planning strategies that can take you to the next level of your business. Their team designed my social network web site that is growing my business. I would highly recommend them because of their integrity, talents, and professionalism. We established a workable rapport as a team and they followed through with excellent results every step of the way. They are still providing me with support as well as continuing to help me promote my web site and my business. They are the business professionals that every entrepreneur should want as a collaborative partner – simply the best!”

Louise Hicks
Author of the critically acclaimed best seller “A Hill to Climb”
Motivational Speaker & CEO/Founder of L. Hicks Consulting Services

JohnBrookshire“April and Jay have guided me and my company’s efforts to expand to more clients and be of greater service. They studied our product and tested it and listened to how we developed our company to where it is today. They have offered options but not been pushy, which helps us move at a speed we are comfortable with. Many thanks as we continue to grow.”

John Brookshire
Owner, President at Magnascent

JewelsMarshon“April and Ajay are very heart centered and successful entrepreneurs helping other liked minded business owners achieve greater success in their fields. They helped me tremendously to expand my business visible expertise and presence on the net. I highly recommend working with them.”

Jewels Marshon
CEO, The Planet Shifters Network On-Demand

RobertNewton“This is one of those very rare examples when people do what they say and often, even more. And if problems occur, they are taken care of immediately. Highly professional and creative, working with Ajay and April will benefit your business!”

Dr. Robert Newton,
A Map to Healing and Your Essential Divinity/Theta Consciousness ReProgramming and Healing
Harmonic Environments by Dr. Robert Newton
Real Conspiracies with Scientific and Spiritual Solutions

Lechane“Spiritually Raw gave the necessary support for a first time author that went international and this help achieve great sales, as well as enormous exposure to an otherwise forgotten market segment as an author I would never have been exposed to. The professional manner in which this team guided and assisted the entire marketing of the books gave the books its edge over others in the same genre. Their efforts placed the books squarely on every possible media the Internet has to offer. Google, Yahoo etc. Not only marketing but other services like, how to conduct an interview was something I also took from this great service. In a very practical manner I was given the opportunity to put my case forward and they would put it through its paces. Something authors and other product services orientated clients may want to consider.

It is impossible to describe the real value of what Spiritually Raw Consulting has contributed but in these few words I wish to recommend that anyone consider this team and give them an opportunity to showcase their impact they have. April is a fantastic person to work with. She is honest and direct but with this comes a great deal of passion and creativity that will help you, and your product rise to a whole new level. Punctuality, detailed guidance, and excellent cost structures are added value with April. Here is to a great person and her abilities!”

Lechane Piek
Author at Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers Ltd

hbtranmagazine“In the last 4 years, I have been through many author, speaker, marketing and media seminars and met a lot of media experts. Most of them teach knowledge, skills or how to get on media but don’t do the booking for them. Or, they charge thousands of dollars to meet the media but no guarantee of results. What I found is that big name and experience don’t really work because time has changed. Within the first few weeks we work together, you booked me on 4 radio shows. All of the radio show hosts welcome me back anytime, which means you know how to match the message to the market. One of the radio interviews led me to be on the cover of a magazine. And, there is potential to create my own radio show when I choose to. You have the most practical and economical way to help authors, speakers and experts get results on media and social media, which save so much time, energy and money compare to the conventional way. I have learned insider secrets about the media industry from you that are not taught anywhere else. Your street smart and mainstream media strategies help meet both my short term and long term objectives. Plus, it’s a lot of fun working with you. I would be happy to send you lots of referrals.”

Much gratitude and appreciation for having you in my life;
Wishing you joy, peace & prosperity.
Speaker & Author of the forthcoming books: “The Meridian of God” & “Financial Healing”
Co-creating a New Financial ParadiseTM

Brendapearce“April and Ajay Matta are definitely a power couple. Great style and integrity! They are know the ins and outs of marketing and publicity and can help anyone achieve new levels in their business. Definitely the go to couple to help your dreams come true. Thank you both for all your help.”

Brenda Pearce
EXCITING ANNOUINCEMENT – CEO E Factor Network – Multimedia Network Publicity,
Marketing and Broadcasting Enterprise

F8“Ajay and April are very creative and enthusiastic people who serve people for their best interest according to their personal needs in business.”

Artie Hoffman
Owner, Angels and Answers and Entertainment Consultant

miriam-slozberg“April has been extremely helpful in getting me the exposure that I need for my social media business, and has connected me with excellent partners as a result of the work that was done. “Highly recommended”

Miriam Slozberg
Social Media | SEO | Marketing Consultant

CherylSavage“I have worked with April and Ajay on their show, Spiritually Raw and I found them to be very professional and are very good in every area of field, dealing with their guests, listeners and as the director and producer, the details of making any show a huge success. I would most definitely recommend April and Ajay and look forward to working with them again one day.”

Cheryl J Savage The Hypnosis Queen
Certified Hypnotherapist, Speaker, Author, Ordained Minister, Past Mental Health Specialist for State of IL

WilliamDeane“April & Ajay are real pros. You can depend on them to get the job done and on time.”

William Deane
Independent Broadcast Media Professional

markAnthony“It has been my pleasure and honor to work with April Mata. Her “Spiritually Raw” Shows are entertaining, intriguing and informative. There are not taboo topics which make for an open minded and well rounded forum. I highly recommend April Matta as a producer and media celebrity.”

Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer TM Celebrity Medium, Author of best selling & critically acclaimed book “Never Letting Go”

Swiyyah“Being a client for Spiritually Raw has gained me 6,000 followers on Facebook! Being on their TV show caused me to do more research in religion, and now I have a clear mind and confident in my beliefs, and now I can share my knowledge with the world.”

Swiyyah Nadirah Muhammad, CEO of Swiyyah Productions Inc.
Motivational Speaker and Author http://

marilouMcintyre“Working with April and Jay was always a pleasure that really inspired and motivated me to reach out always to others with love and truth. This couple is rare and it has been an honor working with them over the years. May God bless them always!

Dr. Marilou McIntyre Author and Past Life Connector

pastorchrisward“Jay & April thank you for helping me to reach out and save a world that would not listen to the warnings of Christ and the end of the age. Satan & Lucifer Decoded is reaching the new agers and the occult and I have one guy who likes my book that uses Aleister Crowley for his logo. That is wonderful!”

Pastor Chris Ward, Logos Christian Fellowship
Author of “Satan & Lucifer Decoded”

RosieTrakostanec“I would recommend Ajay & April for the great work Spiritually Raw Consulting provides for business. With a variety of options to meet your business needs and to promote you and your brand…Thank you Spirituality Raw…”

Rosie Trakostanec/Medicine Woman/Published Author
White Elk Medicine Woman/ Author/Public Speaker/Present Time Alternatives

larryjFalls“Ajay & April are detail oriented, knowledgeable, have excellent communication skills and shows a broad range of interests. In my conversations, I found them to be professional, attentive and appreciative of others. I have no reservations in recommending April & Ajay for any future endeavor she may choose.”

Larry J. Falls
Director at Dr. L.J. Falls Inc.

elizabeth-cuckson“What a blessing in disguise when I received an introduction to Ajay from a dear friend of mine. After a conversation with Ajay, I truly felt that I could launch my business to a whole new level and I would not have to do it alone. After brainstorming, we created a one year plan and he continues to exceed my expectations. If you are looking for someone who truly is honest and is there to give you the tools to succeed, trust Ajay and April as they have your best interest at heart.”

Elizabeth Cuckson
International Radio Host, Speaker, Author and Grief and Loss Coach